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The answer is yes, but green certifications for furniture are becoming more comprehensive and changes are on the horizon for third-party green product certification initiatives according to a recent article in Today’s Facility Manager.

level™, the BIFMA sustainability standard, was launched in June 2009 and is rapidly becoming the industry benchmark for sustainable furniture. [For TFM’s more detailed coverage of the level™ rating program, see the May 2010 article entitled, “Furniture Trends: On The Level” by Tom Readon.]

This certification covers multiple attributes. In addition to supporting healthy indoor air, the furniture company must adhere to responsible corporate and manufacturing practices.

Green product certifications can be a valuable tool for companies focused on reducing their environmental impact and resource use. Sustainably minded customers in search of options can anticipate more improvements in the way products will be labeled green.

For more on how to know if your furniture’s certification is valid, check out the article.