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“A good office can solve problems, but a great office can invigorate a workforce.”

Paul Kelly, head of marketing for Morgan Lovell, a leading office interior design firm in the UK.

Kelly is one of three experts from whom Mashable Business garnered some great office design tips, highlighted below.

You Can Never Have Too Much Light Or Space
According to Edin Rudic, creative director at MKDA, “Because limited exposure to natural light can negatively impact mood and productivity, both employees and their employers would greatly benefit from more exposure to sunlight.”

Create Break-Out Spaces
Designed well, designated spaces away from the desk can actually further the creative or thinking process within the office because:

  • • They take down barriers to communication and encourage spontaneity in the office
    • Great ideas come from inspiring casual spaces
    • Employees can gather to establish and build the corporate community based on shared values and beliefs – kind of like a watercooler.

Keep things tidy
According to Isabelle Glinka, principal of LUX Design, “It’s crucial to keep your workplace free of clutter, organized and tidy.” A few quick tips include:

    • • No food at your desk
    • • No garbage can at your desk to collect clutter
    • • Often an afterthought, storage is actually key to keeping an office in order.

Invest in furniture
It’s easy during difficult economic times to think in terms of skimping, but be careful not to create more costly long-term problems. “Proven to stimulate worker productivity and to reduce the number of sick days, ergonomic office chairs are where wise business owners invest when designing an office space” advises Rudic.

Brand your workplace
Your office is the perfect place to reinforce who you are to clients and guests. Whether it is through color palettes, your logo on the wall or furniture styles, you have opportunity to communicate your core beliefs and philosophies beginning when someone first enters the door.

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