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Mercedes M-Class

According to a recent article by Ryan Poe in the Birmingham Business Journal, February was a strong month for Alabama-made vehicles.

Combined sales of the state’s three automakers – Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and Honda – jumped 13.6 percent to 56,206 in February 2012 from 49,462 in the same year of 2011.

Mercedes M-Class sales alone, rose a whopping 77.1 percent to 3,408 in February – the largest year-over-year percentage increase of the month.

These findings are consistent with a recent report from the US Economics & Statistics Administration showing motor vehicle assemblies in January 2012 were the highest since February of 2008 with 10.17 million (SAAR). This data continues to reinforce the strength of the automobile industry in early 2012.

Motor Vehicles Assemblies 2007

“This data released from the Fed indicates our cautious optimism about the performance for the automotive industry, manufacturing sector, and the overall U.S. economy in early 2012.” ~ Mark Doms, Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Commerce

So, if the auto industry is an indicator of economic recovery, what do you think? Will this uptick continue? How will it affect your business?