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Finding the balance of productivity is getting more difficult as Internet and social technology continue to invade the workplace. But the good news is this same technology offers several innovative apps and digital tools designed to actually improve productivity.

From ways to back-up and store files to simple to-do lists and expense reports, making it faster and easier is better. Check out a few of our favorites below.



– If you need to store files in the cloud, share documents with co-workers, or send clients links to large files that can’t be sent via email, this app is a no-brainer.



– This service from Intuit scans your bills, emails you electronic versions and keeps junk mail from piling up on your desk. You can automate payments or pay in one click.




BACKBLAZE – Save your IT department some trouble. You can keep all your files backed up in the cloud with unlimited storage, on the cheap. And a new feature allows you to locate your laptop if it’s ever lost or stolen.




1 PASSWORD – Who doesn’t have too many passwords to remember? With this app, your team can keep track of all those logins from any device.




LOG ME IN – So many devices, so little time. Remotely login and control your computer from your phone or the web with this handy little app.






EXPENSIFY and ABUKAI – Check out these useful alternatives to stodgy old expense reports.







OFFICE TIME and RESCUE TIME – Both are time-tracking software designed to help make your office time more productive.




EVERNOTE – Starting as a simple to-do list, it evolves into a way to keep track of your notes, thoughts, images, and web clippings across several devices.


What are some of your favorite digital  tools for office productivity?