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Below are more video highlights of the show, thanks to NeoCon. Enjoy!



1) Shawn Green introduces KI’s new Lightline™ Movable Wall system dedicated to the enhance of light that delivers a storefront aesthetic that is not sick built. It is totally preassembled making it incredibly easy to work with during initial installation as well as for reconfiguring. He mentions that panels can be removed without disturbing adjacent panels and how it is compatible with their already popular Genius® system. It even offers limitless visual runs without vertical posts. Check it out below.


2) Jonathan Prestwich, designer for Allermuir, talks about the design inspiration of the Mayze Collection, a new lounge and conference chair series. Mayze was born from an ambition to develop a new material and structure to a maximum comfort with the minimum of materials. Prestwich explains in the video below in detail how he created this Gold Award winning chair by considering the image, comfort and the materials used in the chair.


3) Camira Fabrics has taken one of humankind’s oldest cloths and made it new again. Paul Bennotti, Ian Burn & Simon Whittaker discuss Camira Fabrics’ most sustainable product to date, Hemp, a gorgeous wool-hemp blend. Grown under license in UK farms, they extract the fiber from the stem of the plants, then blend the hemp fiber with pure new wool, spin it into yarn and weave into a gorgeous fabric that comes in 25 wonderful colors. Check it out below.


4) Tim Buchenberger & Rick Joutras of Qdesign give insight below into their design thinking for Thonet’s new modular seating group, MOSS | 3. Multiple postures, ease of specification and reconfigurability make this product a must-see. Using green solutions and only three simple shapes: the cube, a rectangle and an “L,” the configurable possibilities are endless.


In case you missed it, you can view Part One videos here. What were some of your favorite findings at NeoCon12?