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Interview with Larry MohlFor every employee that attends a workshop, seminar or conference there is a manager that’s skeptical that the company will ever harness value from the new knowledge gained.  While everyone’s intentions are optimistic, the realities of the workforce often squelch the knowledge and prevent it from being implemented.

But as a manager, there are a few subtle steps you can that can yield big benefits, transforming that new learning into an employee development opportunity. In a video interview conducted by Kelly Services, Larry Mohl, Chief Innovation Officer at Performance Inspired, Inc., says the first step is for managers to make a commitment to embracing employee development as a continuous process. Mohl says that, fundamentally, every human wants to develop and grow and managers need to support that.

He says that a manager just needs to show some interest by meeting with the employee up front to set expectations for when they get back. Then he says, “The critical step is to ACTUALLY schedule some time with the employee afterward.”  In that meeting he suggests discussing:

  • What did you learn?
  • How can we apply it here?
  • How can I support you?
  • What other help do you need to be successful?

“It’s these little things that have a powerful effect on people’s sense that you care, that there’s purpose behind the learning and that it wasn’t a waste of their time.” Mohl says that by following these simple steps, your company can receive much more value from employee learning opportunities.