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KIrei Acoustical

Find Solutions Early, 
Before They Become Problems

Great office acoustics are the ultimate silent partner, working in the background of your various workplaces to promote productivity, increase office morale, and reinforce the visual brand identity you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.
A common acoustic misconception is that it costs too much. It’s an up-front investment to plan out the acoustic design of your space. Good planning means that you’ll avoid bigger acoustic issues in the long run. In order to accomplish that, build a budget for acoustics into your project, right from the beginning. You’ll be amazed at how a simple tactic like that can influence the way clients see various design options.

We have hand-picked three of the best solutions from Kirei:


EchoPanel® is a decorative, acoustically-absorbent panel with a felt-like finish, made from 100% PET plastic containing up to 60% post-consumer content. It can be installed on walls, ceilings, in office furniture systems, decorative tiles and even finished products. It is also tackable for a multipurpose solution in office spaces or educational facilities. EchoPanel® flat panels come in 7mm, 12mm and 24mm in a variety of colors, from neutral to eye-popping.


EchoLine is their standard panel with some extra pizazz! It comes in 4 different patterns (Square 2.0, Groovy 0.5, Groovy 1.0, Groovy 3.0) and all 20-12mm EchoPanel colors. The best part? It not only works on flat walls (and ceilings), but it is flexible and can bend with the curves!


Balance Tiles

Balance Tiles are an easy, elegant acoustic fix for nearly any space. These thick tiles add distinct patterning and color, while absorbing sound. Mix and match the different tile sizes and colors to create eye-catching designs. They come in a beautiful palate of 7 colors and 3 different shapes/sizes.

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