All about the bar stool | Choosing the right height

Sometimes selecting the right height can prove to be a difficult tasks and we end up buying the wrong height bar stool. But do not despair, here is an easy visual guide to help you make the right buying choice:


A counter-height bar stool is commonly 23-28 inches from the floor to the seat (23- to 28-inch seat height). Pair counter-height bars tools with 35 to 37-inch table heights.


A bar-height bar stool is commonly 29-32 inches from the floor to the seat (29 to 32-inch seat height). Pair bar-height bar stools with 41 to 43-inch table heights.


An extra-tall bar stool, also known as spectator height, is commonly 33-36 inches from the floor to the seat (33 to 36-inch seat height). Pair extra-tall bar stools with 44 to 47-inch table heights.


Here are some of our favorites:

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