How to Bring Nature Indoors

Living Walls | Modular Wall Solution Breathe is the latest innovation in modular wall solutions from DIRTT Environmental Solutions. Breathe™ is a (patent pending) simple system for incorporating plants into DIRTT Walls. It mounts to the tile layer of the wall, can be retrofitted on existing DIRTT walls with tiles, or can be mounted to any flat, vertical building surface:…

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Educational Spaces

4 Important Design Drivers for Educational Environments

Learning environments are under constant change. Technology, teaching methods, enrollment…all regularly stretch the abilities of the physical space and put it in jeopardy. For DIRTT is imperative to provide real solutions that support and enhance the learning space. By creating agile and highly functional interiors, the building itself becomes impervious to the winds of change. DIRTT offers the ability to…

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Why Do Acoustics Matter?

Find Solutions Early, Before They Become Problems Great office acoustics are the ultimate silent partner, working in the background of your various workplaces to promote productivity, increase office morale, and reinforce the visual brand identity you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. A common acoustic misconception is that it costs too much. It’s an up-front investment to plan out the acoustic design…

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3 Reasons to Consider DIRTT Millwork before Traditional Millwork

DIRTT Millwork is fully customizable, modular cabinetry. Just like traditional millwork, you can create the perfect piece to fit the perfect space, but with DIRTT Millwork you get a set price, fast lead-time, smooth install and long-term agility. DIRTT Millwork can morph into what you need, in the size you need, at the speed you need, and it all hangs…

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How to incorporate lifestyle driven design into your workspace

At the recent NeoCon Show in Chicago National Office showcased a residential inspired style by blending the comforts of home into the workplace. Through Respitality℠ design, National created solutions that have evolved from the fundamental elements of both residential and hospitality. Their beautiful showroom demonstrated how lifestyle driven design can be incorporated into commercial spaces to create cozy areas that…

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Our favorites from NeoCon 2018

Our team had the opportunity to attend this year NeoCon – one of the most recognized trade shows in the commercial design industry. We had the opportunity to meet with our partners to get the scoop on the newest products. Take a look! Kimball Office Focal Point:  Transform the workplace into a destination of choice. National Focal Point: Residential Inspired Spaces…

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DIRTT Solutions

The 3 benefits of custom-built learning spaces

DIRTT interior solutions help you create an environment that elevates academic performance and outcomes. The relationship between the built environment and the way we interact within is complex, especially in learning environments. Now more than ever, educators and students want to shape the look of their environment and how it functions. To enable that, user requirements are considered right from…

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How to create flexible learning spaces that focus on the needs of students and teachers

Purchasing the right furnishings can make a difference in creating positive and efficient learning environments. Manufacturers such as National and KI, offer a complete range of products covering the full needs of teaching institutions, from the reception area to interactive learning stations and computer labs. All components are designed to meet your requirements in terms of ergonomics, flexibility and the…

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Stylish Solutions for Healing Environments

  In the ever-changing world of healthcare, we recognize the need for cost-effective, efficient facilities that serve the patient needs, satisfy government regulations, and offer productive spaces for today’s healthcare professionals. Manufacturers of healthcare furnishings are focused on creating products that are durable, sustainable, and affordable and yet full of style and comfort. Today we are highlighting three different spaces…

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Kimball Redefines Healthcare Design

“Modularity, Flexibility and Adaptability are the future of all environments but especially healthcare.” – Aneetha McLellan, Director of Kimball Health Sales, Design, and Innovation. At this year Healthcare Design Conference in Orlando, Florida,  Kimball Healthcare unveiled their new healthcare design vision with new products as well as “new mindsets to support and challenge today’s healthcare spaces.” Let’s take a look at…

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