Benching Systems – The Advantages of Open Office Plans

  Today’s modern workforce has different expectations for their office environments. From benching to bleachers, open office planning has become a popular way for employers to maximize space and take advantage of mobility trends that are defining a new generation of employees. The walls are coming down (both literally and figuratively) as people have less need for separation, and employers…

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The Highlights from NeoCon 2011

  Office furniture is ever evolving. Not only to keep up with the newest in color and design, but just as important is the functionality. As businesses adapt to the economic and environmental changes, so too must how and where they work. The NeoCon Conference is always an excellent peak into the what the future holds for office furnishings. That’s…

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Can Office Furniture Help Increase Your LEED Points?

  The answer is yes, but green certifications for furniture are becoming more comprehensive and changes are on the horizon for third-party green product certification initiatives according to a recent article in Today’s Facility Manager. level™, the BIFMA sustainability standard, was launched in June 2009 and is rapidly becoming the industry benchmark for sustainable furniture. [For TFM’s more detailed coverage…

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Color in the Office Can Evoke Several Emotions. Make Sure It’s The Right Ones.

    We know that colors conjure different feelings and symbolism. It is wise to consider this as you work with your office space. Below is a list of just a few colors and their symbolism according to Make sure to not only communicate the look you are seeking with your designer, but the feel as well. RED –…

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