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The Wonder of Technology | How DIRTT Can...

The Wonder of Technology | How DIRTT Can Help You Build Your Vision

Reading Time: 2 minutes Few products on the market today can give you the results that DIRTT delivers.  By using the latest technology, the  ICE® software, the design team can assist you in exploring and modifying your design in real-time 3D. The ICE® software is “a video game for design – with brains for business. “ ICE® software provides graphical, interactive […]

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Let Your Furniture Design Your Workspace

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kore® by Kimball Office was designed for working and living no matter how workers are situated, eliminating barriers to help people stay better connected to their work and each other. In the workplace, people need flexibility. KORE offers a single source for many destinations. Though simple in form, KORE is substantial in function, providing configurability that […]

New vs Used: What to Consider When Evalu...

New vs Used: What to Consider When Evaluating Furniture Options

Reading Time: < 1 minute With an eye on reducing costs, organizations often evaluate the purchase of used furnishings for their new workplaces. While used furniture savings may appear considerable, buyers must take into account a series of underlying factors in their decision making process. This great infographic will give you some insightful ideas when considering buying furniture. A visual […]

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Open Office Etiquette | Workplace Research by Knoll

Reading Time: < 1 minute Introducing Policies, Protocol, and Politeness It can be challenging for companies to transition from a private office workplace into an open space work environment. A significant number of workers do not know what to expect. Moreover, they may not how to handle the difficult situations that often arise in open office environments. That is why […]

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Unassigned Workspace Etiquette by Knoll

Reading Time: < 1 minute Introducing Policies, Protocol and Politeness “Workstyles have changed and so has the workforce. No longer is the workplace population comprised of just resident employees who are on-site full-time. Today, a network of mobile employees, remote workers, part-time employees, contract workers and consultants work collaboratively across disciplines in teams and tasks that shift as frequently as their […]

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We Are All in Stitches

Reading Time: 2 minutes Making it your own is so easy to accomplish and you do not have to spend a fortune.  National Office Furniture offers the Stitch-It program. It gives you the unique capability to enhance products with additional artistry. Add dimension and design flair by choosing intricate or simple stitched designs, resulting in a quilted aesthetic. Available […]

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Reading Time: < 1 minute Flexible work environments need to provide more flexible products. Since we are relying more and more on our mobile electronic devices, so does the need for keeping mobiles, laptops and tablet devices charged. Consequently, a good portion of the furniture manufacturers have answered the call and are incorporating charging points into upholstered seating as well […]

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Tablet and smartphones technology have come a long way and compatible applications for the day-to-day work of architects and designers keep growing. Here we bring you 5 apps for tablets and smartphone that are useful for both architects and designers interested in taking their next project to another level. iRhino 3D | (IOS) Would you like […]

A Pathway to WELL Certification | Design...

A Pathway to WELL Certification | Design With Purpose

Reading Time: < 1 minute ASID’s new headquarters is the first space to receive both the WELL Platinum and LEED Platinum certifications. It’s a space that’s on the cutting edge of modern workspace design, but also a space that’s restorative to people with minimal negative impact to the environment. Read the full story here: Source: A Pathway to WELL Certification […]

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