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4 Important Design Drivers for Education...

Educational Spaces

Reading Time: 4 minutes Learning environments are under constant change. Technology, teaching methods, enrollment…all regularly stretch the abilities of the physical space and put it in jeopardy. For DIRTT is imperative to provide real solutions that support and enhance the learning space. By creating agile and highly functional interiors, the building itself becomes impervious to the winds of change. […]

Why Do Acoustics Matter?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Find Solutions Early, Before They Become Problems Great office acoustics are the ultimate silent partner, working in the background of your various workplaces to promote productivity, increase office morale, and reinforce the visual brand identity you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. A common acoustic misconception is that it costs too much. It’s an up-front investment to […]

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Tablet and smartphones technology have come a long way and compatible applications for the day-to-day work of architects and designers keep growing. Here we bring you 5 apps for tablets and smartphone that are useful for both architects and designers interested in taking their next project to another level. iRhino 3D | (IOS) Would you like […]

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