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Healthcare Trends | Mood Board

A little inspiration for you Henry Domke Art Architex Draperies RX 8006 Beauty Architex Textiles Salt Spring Invigorate Kimball Healthcare Casegoods Sanctuary Kimball Healthcare Textiles Cassidy Alpine Patient Seating by Kimball Healthcare 7. Kimball Healthcare Textiles Natural World #moodboardfriday

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Healthcare Trends | Products We Are Loving


1 Based on research showing “the presence of family members can improve patient communication, satisfaction, and outcomes,” the Palisade Collection offers a welcoming, stylish, multi-functional suite of furniture that includes seating, technology support, lighting, storage, sleeping, and work space. Palisade Flop Sofa is a seating area that converts to a sleep surface. It also features […]

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Color Our World | Healthcare Hues


The right paint color can make a significant difference in any environment. Choosing the right one can be even a more difficult. When choosing colors for healthcare environments, Sherwin Williams has created a very dynamic palette to make it easier to select the right color for the appropriate space. The Luxe collection offers soft, muted tones […]

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Humanizing Healthcare Facilities Enhances Outcomes With A Brutal Force

A study conducted by the University of Bologna’s Department of Psychology and recently published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology sought to evaluate the environmental perception of a Pediatric Unit in parents of admitted children, before and after a mural was painted on the wall. Designed to improve the quality of hospital humanization, the walls […]

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NeoCon 2012 Video Highlights: Part Three

NeoCon12 boasts solutions for collaboration, comfort, flexibility and innovation. Below are more examples of these concepts brought to reality.   Martin Bergmann and Gernot Bohmann of EOOS “talk” about TALK, their award winning lounge seating collection designed for Keilhauer. The design is based on research that reveals when two people meet to talk, they immediately turn to […]

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Tips On Using Social Media For NeoCon12

Things are buzzing as NeoCon 2012 gets closer and KI hosted a Social Media Webinar with tips on how to turn that buzz into a successful show for those planning to attend. In collaboration with NeoCon, IIDA, Designer Pages and Metropolis Magazine, KI offered social media tips on things you can do before you get […]

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10 Essential Furnishings Every Office Needs To Consider

Sometimes knowing what your office doesn’t need helps narrow your furniture purchasing strategy. Whether the size of your office is large or small, the following basic furnishings should always be considered, even if it is determined some of them are unnecessary. TASK SEATING Designed to be adaptable to specific tasks performed, ergonomic chairs allow your […]

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5 TEDMed Videos for Healthcare Professionals

TED Talks are the famous short talks that share videos and ideas from some of the world’s brightest minds. Healthcare professionals benefit from TEDMED, a conference dedicated to imagining the future of health and medicine professions. Below are just a few of our favorites. 1. Michael Graves is credited with broadening the role of the […]

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Treating Healthcare Environments with Powerful Colors

Treating Healthcare Environments with Powerful Colors

We’ve talked before about the importance of choosing the right colors for your office setting as hues can conjure many different emotions for your visitors and staff. Within the healthcare environment, color becomes an even greater consideration as it can actually affect patients’ medical outcomes. It has been proven time and again that how we […]

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