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The Office is Changing. Are You Adapting?

There are three dynamics that are individually changing in the workplace: 1) WHERE we work 2) WHO is working and 3) HOW we are working. But it has been the perfect storm of all three shifts – occurring simultaneously – that has demanded a reconstruction of the traditional office. The International Interior Design Association [IIDA] conducts an annual industry roundtable…

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Iconic Olympic Buildings Beginning as Early as 776 B.C. [INFOGRAPHIC]

  With a strong focus on reusable and adaptable structures for the 2012 London Olympics, the lineup includes renowned architecture firms such as Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Hopkins Architects, Populous and Zaha Hadid Architects. But where did it all start? The great infographic below, developed by ArchDaily, shows some of the iconic buildings of the Olympics from 776 B.C. until today!…

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The Outdoor Office: Is It Just Pie in the Sky?

    We hear it over and over. We say it ourselves. The economic crisis, digital advancements and ecological concerns have changed the world. So much so, we refer to it as a paradigm shift: a line in the sand; before and now. This in turn has dramatically affected where and how we do business. Open space and collaborative concepts,…

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For Lippe Taylor, Only an Office That Looks Nothing Like an Office Will Do

  Lippe Taylor, a New York PR agency, is totally focused on marketing to women. And their 17,000 sq. ft. offices on Park Avenue make you feel right at home in a whimsical and relaxing fashion. This was the goal of founder and CEO, Maureen Lippe, who doesn’t think an office should look like an office. Below are just a few…

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Generation “Y” Will Comprise Nearly Half of the Workforce By 2020.

  Is Your Office Attracting Them? The economic conditions and technological advancements with social media have not only changed the way we do business, they have changed us as people. Our priorities. Our motivations. How we communicate. This could not be more true than for the millennial generation born between 1976 and 2006, also known as, Gen Y With 80 million…

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