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TRENDS Activity Spaces A variety of spaces for a variety of work Knoll describes Activity Spaces as “go-to spaces accessible to everyone for everything from focused individual work through large community gatherings. Activity spaces vary in scale, formality, enclosure and flexibility. Invariably, they require proximity, privacy, and support for collaborative technology. And while they may share components and aesthetics with primary…

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The right paint color can make a significant difference in any environment. Choosing the right one can be even a more difficult. When choosing colors for healthcare environments, Sherwin Williams has created a very dynamic palette to make it easier to select the right color for the appropriate space. The Luxe collection offers soft, muted tones with comfortable neutrals. Patients, family and…

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20 Of The Most Iconic Office Chairs of All Time

Among the many thousands of office chairs designed and manufactured today, there are a but a mere handful considered true icons of the industry. These chairs are not only the possible basis and inspiration for most created today, their timeless designs have kept them in production for up to more than 75 years.   We’ve highlighted our top 20 icons…

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7 iPad Apps for Architects and General Contractors: National Architect Week, Day 5

  During National Architect Week, we wanted to take a look at how digital technology is helping the industry go paperless. Although still in its infancy, tablets and compatible applications for the day-to-day work of architects and contractors, are growing. Ryan Sutton-Gee, CEO of PlanGrid, noted in this TechCrunch article that the tablet is basically the first computer that is…

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Top 10 Blogs for Architects and Interior Designers

The web is a wonderful place if you know where to look. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find high quality content that’s both inspirational and informative – especially if you’re an architect or designer. Here we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 blogs for architects and interior designers. If you have a favorite that you think should be…

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