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7 iPad Apps for Architects and General Contractors: National Architect Week, Day 5

  During National Architect Week, we wanted to take a look at how digital technology is helping the industry go paperless. Although still in its infancy, tablets and compatible applications for the day-to-day work of architects and contractors, are growing. Ryan Sutton-Gee, CEO of PlanGrid, noted in this TechCrunch article that the tablet is basically the first computer that is…

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Top 10 Blogs for Architects and Interior Designers

The web is a wonderful place if you know where to look. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find high quality content that’s both inspirational and informative – especially if you’re an architect or designer. Here we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 blogs for architects and interior designers. If you have a favorite that you think should be…

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How To Find The Perfect Height For An Office Chair

Rarely is there a solution so simple that can bring benefits so great and yet it’s either unknown or ignored in almost every office.  A few moments reading this and acting on the tips can prevent weeks, or even months, of pain and discomfort. According to the American Chiropractic Association an improperly adjusted chair can cause you a multitude of…

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Simple Steps To Turn Employee Learning Into Real Value

For every employee that attends a workshop, seminar or conference there is a manager that’s skeptical that the company will ever harness value from the new knowledge gained.  While everyone’s intentions are optimistic, the realities of the workforce often squelch the knowledge and prevent it from being implemented. But as a manager, there are a few subtle steps you can…

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Business or Pleasure? Can Social Media Coexist In The Workplace?

BUSINESS OR PLEASURE? The groundswell of social media has created new options for personal interactions and raised some new challenges, especially in the workplace. Understanding and managing social media issues in the workplace is a fast moving target. Some of these issues pose challenges to the divide between work and personal life, such as freedom of expression, privacy, and dissemination of sensitive…

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