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10 Essential Furnishings Every Office Needs To Consider

Sometimes knowing what your office doesn’t need helps narrow your furniture purchasing strategy. Whether the size of your office is large or small, the following basic furnishings should always be considered, even if it is determined some of them are unnecessary. TASK SEATING Designed to be adaptable to specific tasks performed, ergonomic chairs allow your employees to get the job…

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10 Digital Tools and Apps To Make Your Office More Productive

Finding the balance of productivity is getting more difficult as Internet and social technology continue to invade the workplace. But the good news is this same technology offers several innovative apps and digital tools designed to actually improve productivity. From ways to back-up and store files to simple to-do lists and expense reports, making it faster and easier is better.…

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The Paperless Office: Due to Technology or the Environment?

The paperless office might finally happen. But it seems it will be more to do with technological advancements, than environmental concerns. There has definitely been an increased concern for the environment as well as a commitment to using less paper. Twenty-nine percent of consumers consider reducing paper consumption “Very Important” and thirty-four percent consider it “Important.” But it is most likely…

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