Unassigned Workspace Etiquette by Knoll

Introducing Policies, Protocol and Politeness

“Workstyles have changed and so has the workforce. No longer is the workplace population comprised of just resident employees who are on-site full-time. Today, a network of mobile employees, remote workers, part-time employees, contract workers and consultants work collaboratively across disciplines in teams and tasks that shift as frequently as their projects.”


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The Office of the Future

 To boldly go where no man has gone before…exploring the office of the future.


Working from Home | point to ponder

Recently Radel Artida from Staff.com shared their latest take on Working from Home. The question was raised “is It the future”? There are no easy answers for this one. The reality is that it is not necessarily for every company or any  job. Some jobs do require an organic presence at the office, but,  with the wide array of technology alternatives available today, virtual face-to-face communication and collaboration with co-workers is made  much easier for those who work from home.