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Treating Healthcare Environments with Powerful Colors

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’ve talked before about the importance of choosing the right colors for your office setting as hues can conjure many different emotions for your visitors and staff. Within the healthcare environment, color becomes an even greater consideration as it can actually affect patients’ medical outcomes. It has been proven time and again that how we […]

Storage In The Office Is No Longer To NO...

Storage In The Office Is No Longer To NOT Be Seen

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, storage is not just about filing old or unused records in case there is a need for future reference. Far from it. With companies trimming down on physical office size as well as opting for more open and collaborative spaces, they are losing traditional areas to file information. Storage must now be incorporated into […]

Quiet Please! How to Minimize Office Noi...

Quiet Please! How to Minimize Office Noise

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Studies have shown that low-level office noise can increase health risks, lower task motivation for workers, increase stress and affect short-term memory and a person’s ability to focus on tasks. While sensitivity to sound varies from person to person, complex, design-oriented and technical tasks often fall victim to mistakes and mindless tasks – like […]

Benching Systems – The Advantages of Ope

Benching Systems – The Advantages of Open Office Plans

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Today’s modern workforce has different expectations for their office environments. From benching to bleachers, open office planning has become a popular way for employers to maximize space and take advantage of mobility trends that are defining a new generation of employees. The walls are coming down (both literally and figuratively) as people have less […]

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