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7 iPad Apps for Architects and General C...

AutoCad WS

Reading Time: 2 minutes   During National Architect Week, we wanted to take a look at how digital technology is helping the industry go paperless. Although still in its infancy, tablets and compatible applications for the day-to-day work of architects and contractors, are growing. Ryan Sutton-Gee, CEO of PlanGrid, noted in this TechCrunch article that the tablet is basically […]

7 Video Interviews with Famous Architect...

7 Video Interviews with Famous Architects: National Architecture Week, Day 4

Reading Time: 3 minutes Architecture is one of those creative industries where the work not only speaks for itself, it is long-standing and long-lasting – making it imperative that the architect connect his/her designs capably with the environment as well as for the people it is designed. For National Architecture Week we have chosen a few architects we believe […]

Architects: Are You Using Twitter to Bui...

Reading Time: 2 minutes You can’t go very far or very long these days without seeing or hearing some reference to Twitter. It’s one of the most talked about social media platforms and it’s consistently listed among the top three essential social media sites for marketing. Australian architectural photographer, Nic Granleese, sums it up this way.  “ Twitter is […]

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