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The Power of Ergonomics to Increase Productivity in the Workplace


  Ergonomics is all about efficiency, less downtime, and better performance, which leads to increased productivity. Isn’t that what all businesses want? Technology has created a variety of tools for the workplace, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones changing how we work.  Each tool presents new opportunities, as well as challenges for workers. Addressing ergonomic issues […]

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9 Furniture Questions That Designers Ask. So You Should Too.

    “Design is a matter of translating technology into things that people can use.” ~ Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) An experienced architect and/or designer are critical to achieving a beautiful, functional and modernized office. They understand that an impression is made every time […]

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Top 10 Things to Consider When Working With a Contract Furniture Dealer

If you’re responsible for the purchasing of new office furniture below is a list of the top ten questions you need to ask yourself about as you are choosing a contract furniture dealer. 1. Do they have industry experience? Furniture manufacturing is a fragmented industry. It takes a lot of time and resources to keep […]

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Top 10 Tips: How To Avoid Pitfalls When Buying Office Furniture

Whether you’re opening a new office, expanding an auditorium or adding a new wing to your facility, the following checklist can help you avoid common pitfalls when purchasing new contract office furniture. SPACE PLANNING Keep in mind: you can’t use what you can’t fit. So plan ahead. Hire an independent space planner, or make sure […]

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Benching Systems – The Advantages of Open Office Plans

  Today’s modern workforce has different expectations for their office environments. From benching to bleachers, open office planning has become a popular way for employers to maximize space and take advantage of mobility trends that are defining a new generation of employees. The walls are coming down (both literally and figuratively) as people have less […]

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Color in the Office Can Evoke Several Emotions. Make Sure It’s The Right Ones.

    We know that colors conjure different feelings and symbolism. It is wise to consider this as you work with your office space. Below is a list of just a few colors and their symbolism according to incredibleart.org. Make sure to not only communicate the look you are seeking with your designer, but the […]

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