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Power Up The Conference Room The Cool Way

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  How many times have we been at a meeting, proceed to check your emails on your favorite electronic device and What?! We see that we are just running out of juice!You do not want to get up to plug your device and interrupt your boss for sure…So here something to consider a solution: There […]

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The Role That Design Will Play In The New Way of Doing Business

Design the New Business

  Seven months in the making, “Design the New Business,” is a MUST SEE documentary film that explores how DESIGN could help shape the future of business. As our world changes, the challenges to businesses increase. Old ways of thinking are being replaced by open minds and creativity. Design is playing a central role in helping […]

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Storage In The Office Is No Longer To NOT Be Seen

Today, storage is not just about filing old or unused records in case there is a need for future reference. Far from it. With companies trimming down on physical office size as well as opting for more open and collaborative spaces, they are losing traditional areas to file information. Storage must now be incorporated into […]

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Communicate What You Do Through Your Office Space

What better way to consistently sell what you do than letting people see and feel it as they stroll through your office? A recent episode on MediaBistro’s “Cubes” is a great example of how Edelman, an international public relations firm, does just that. They sell communication and one of the first things you see upon […]

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