10 Essential Furnishings Every Office Needs To Consider

Sometimes knowing what your office doesn’t need helps narrow your furniture purchasing strategy. Whether the size of your office is large or small, the following basic furnishings should always be considered, even if it is determined some of them are unnecessary.

TASK SEATING Designed to be adaptable to specific tasks performed, ergonomic chairs allow your employees to get the job done faster, in a more comfortable and healthy way.


DESKING SYSTEMS Today’s organized systems provide places for computers, numerous devices and ‘things’.


VISITOR SEATING Seating that gives your guests or patients a place to get comfortable, in areas such as lounges or waiting rooms.


OCCASIONAL FURNITURE This shows that you’ve put more thought into your workplace than “just the basics.”


RECEPTION AREA – Extra attention here gives you opportunity to make a great first impression.


ARCHITECTURAL WALLS/PANEL SYSTEMS These systems create division between people and distractions.


POWER/DATA SOLUTIONS An important consideration for your furniture in today’s ‘connected’ world.


TASK LIGHTING The illuminance level and contrast and proper lighting for mood and eyesight cannot be underestimated.


STORAGE Planning ahead gives you a place to file documents, clear clutter and hide personal belongings.


BREAK ROOM TABLES AND SEATING Area that allows your employees to take a healthy break from their work for a meal or even conversation.


What do you think? What furnishings do you consider essential in your office?











What Exactly Is Contract Office Furniture?

In short – it’s the good stuff.

Officially, contract furniture refers to office furniture that is held to higher standards as a result of adhering to stringent testing and certification processes and is sold exclusively through territorial dealerships.

Unlike furniture typically found in big box retailers, contract furniture manufacturers must submit their products for testing and certification to two main national testing organizations:
1)  ANSI – American National Standards Institute
2) BIFMA – Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association

These organizations ensure that approved products will support safe, healthy and sustainable environments. The result is greater furniture longevity and durability, increased productivity, and even fewer work-related injuries or accidents.

There are three areas in which contract furniture is a held to a higher standard:

Quality. Contract manufacturers build furniture that lasts. They build furniture that works. When you have hundreds of patients cycling through a lobby, or thousands of passengers cycling through a terminal, durability is a priority. High quality is also reflected in the cleaning and maintenance of the furniture.

Style. Contract furniture is the perfect example of function meeting form. It’s world-class design that is feature-rich and yet aesthetically beautiful. For example Knoll, one of our own contract manufacturers, has more than 30 products in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent Design collection.

Value. Contract manufacturers build-to-order in massive quantities. It is this economy of scale that allows contract dealers to provide reasonable pricing to their clients to meet necessary budgets. Contract manufacturers also stand behind their products with robust warranties that ensure their survival and/or replacement if needed. The benefit of style and durability, coupled with judicious costs, make contract furniture a solid long-term investment.

Again, you will not typically find contract furniture in big box retail settings. Most of the prominent contract furniture manufacturers distribute their products through contract furniture dealerships to ensure quality control for delivery and customer service.

Each dealership is approved and then licensed by territory. Territories and exclusivity agreements vary somewhat per manufacturer. For example, while Business Interiors represents hundreds of manufacturers, we hold exclusive licensing rights to sell Knoll and Kimball International in Alabama and NW Florida.

Bottom line? Contract furniture is the better product and the economies of scale make it affordable. Purchasing it through a contract dealer simply brings confidence and assurance that you are going to find the right solution.

How do you view contract furniture?