NeoCon 2012 Highlights: Part Four

NeoConography Shots from NeoCon12


If you missed NeoCon 2012, where the contract industry kicks off its year showcasing the newest in office products and resources, not to worry.

You can practically relive the experience through the attendees’ perspectives thanks to KI’s #NeoConography photo contest. KI awarded $100 each to the top shots submitted. The five winners are shown below, but be sure to check out KI’s #NeoConography Pinterest Board to see the hundreds of shots taken. From the people and food, to the parties and views, to new products galore, it’s almost like being there. And, hey, if it makes you think about going next year, you can check out the dates here.

KI’s #NeoConography = NeoCon + Photography

Congrats to @KItweets for such a great idea and to the Top 5 Winners, @designelixir, @jensingson,  @hotlead@mndyvn and @TBInteriors_Inc


NeoCon 2012 Video Highlights: Part Three

NeoCon12 boasts solutions for collaboration, comfort, flexibility and innovation. Below are more examples of these concepts brought to reality.


Martin Bergmann and Gernot Bohmann of EOOS “talk” about TALK, their award winning lounge seating collection designed for Keilhauer. The design is based on research that reveals when two people meet to talk, they immediately turn to a angled positions for relaxed conversation. The angle of the seat and back along with coordinating tables encourage face-to-face, natural conversation. Hear more talk about Talk, below.


Blair Wieland of Wieland Healthcare demos SleepToo™, an impressive unit that transforms to accomodate every need of hospital visitors. Starting as a sofa for visiting with the patient and family, it is also reclines for reading a book, accommodates storage for pillows and blankets, to creating a full size sofa for several to sit comfortably. And, yes, when you are ready to go to bed, it even converts into a nearly full-size sleeping area.


Comfort and flexibility were resounding terms we heard throughout NeoCon12. Allsteel’s Clarity seating collection designed by BMW Group Designworks USA is a great example of those concepts put into action. Designers Johannes Lampela and Bianca Fleischer talk here about the simplicity of form and function. Great for ad hoc meetings so popular today, you can sit sideways, pull several together for collaboration or talk over the back. The simple and sleek design allows for dressing it up or dressing it down and it’s perfect for more casual and relaxed seating.


Mark McKenna, Design Director for Humanscale, discusses Mode, a new multi-purpose, stackable chair designed for cafeterias, auditoriums and break-out spaces. Always considering comfort first, additional features include replaceable cushions, replaceable legs, optional ganging hooks to link the chairs together in place as well the ability to stack the chairs 12-high as opposed to the standard number of 10, yielding about a 20% increase in real estate.


What were some of your favorite finds at NeoCon 2012?




NeoCon 2012 Video Highlights: Part One



Source: via KI on Pinterest


As a result of the economy, technological advancements and environmental focuses, the world of business has changed and continues to do so. These paradigm shifts have transformed the way we work and that has in turn affected the workplace.  NeoCon annually gathers some of the greatest minds, designers and manufacturers of the world in Chicago to reveal how office furnishings are ensuring businesses can keep up with the transitions.

NeoCon 2012 was no exception.  New concepts in furniture, wall panels and flooring, among many, many other items were on display to kick off the coming year.

Below are some of the video highlights of the show, thanks to NeoCon. Enjoy!

1) OFS believes that products should harmonize the space as opposed to working against it. In this short video, Doug Shapiro illustrates how OFS is bridging the gap between furniture and technology. Check out the conference table that actually serves as a speaker as well.


2) Mohawk Group identified four top social macro-trends increasingly impacting the way we work, play and interact. From Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) and “Rurban” to Spiritualism and Generations, Mohawk translated these trends into new carpet collections and commissioned four design industry celebrities—to offer their own design interpretations using Mohawk’s NeoCon showroom as their canvas. The video below shows top American designer, Todd Oldham’s use of Mohawk’s D.I.Y. collection at NeoCon 2012 aptly putting design back in the hands of the designer.


3) Arcadia Contract recognizes changes in the workplace have changed the way we work. More bluntly they claim that typical cubicles, case goods and chairs simply are not cutting it. Today it is about “getting work done” and that translates to “people meeting with people.” David Logsdon talks here about Arcadia’s solution for seating and meeting: the Domo Collection by Qdesign. Check out the Domo lounge for sharing, the Domo table for interacting and solving problems and Domo benches with versatile configurations.


4) With it’s focus on comfort, durability, and compactness, Sedia Systems introduced JumpSeat™ for auditorium and stadium seating. Wilson Troup shows here how these chairs, created by Ziba Design, are just 4″ in profile and its innovation is in the slats similar to the human backbone when folding it down.


5) It’s always fun to learn what has inspired furniture designs. Hear Wolfgang Mezger, designer for Davis, explain how an “envelope” sparked the innovation of their newly introduced C. R. Lounge, an individual classical lounge program.


6) Joe Sultan of Chilewich introduces a new revolutionary tile backing system they developed in conjunction with Velcro®. Called BioFelt™, it is PVC-free, made from 80% recycled and renewable content and is easily removable without a trace.



Okay, this is not a video, but KI sponsored a photo contest titled. #NeoConography encouraging everyone to submit images from the NeoCon 2012 conference. Not sure who won the contest, but I think we are all winners to be able to see so many varied perspectives of the conference. Check it out here!


What were some of your favorite finds at NeoCon12?