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How to incorporate lifestyle driven desi...

Reading Time: 2 minutes At the recent NeoCon Show in Chicago National Office showcased a residential inspired style by blending the comforts of home into the workplace. Through Respitality℠ design, National created solutions that have evolved from the fundamental elements of both residential and hospitality. Their beautiful showroom demonstrated how lifestyle driven design can be incorporated into commercial spaces […]

Our favorites from NeoCon 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute Our team had the opportunity to attend this year NeoCon – one of the most recognized trade shows in the commercial design industry. We had the opportunity to meet with our partners to get the scoop on the newest products. Take a look! Kimball Office Focal Point:  Transform the workplace into a destination of choice. National […]

The Wonder of Technology | How DIRTT Can...

The Wonder of Technology | How DIRTT Can Help You Build Your Vision

Reading Time: 2 minutes Few products on the market today can give you the results that DIRTT delivers.  By using the latest technology, the  ICE® software, the design team can assist you in exploring and modifying your design in real-time 3D. The ICE® software is “a video game for design – with brains for business. “ ICE® software provides graphical, interactive […]

Let Your Furniture Design Your Workspace

Let Your Furniture Design Your Workspace

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kore® by Kimball Office was designed for working and living no matter how workers are situated, eliminating barriers to help people stay better connected to their work and each other. In the workplace, people need flexibility. KORE offers a single source for many destinations. Though simple in form, KORE is substantial in function, providing configurability that […]

Generation “Y” Will Comprise Nearly Half

Generation “Y” Will Comprise Nearly Half of the Workforce By 2020.

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Is Your Office Attracting Them? The economic conditions and technological advancements with social media have not only changed the way we do business, they have changed us as people. Our priorities. Our motivations. How we communicate. This could not be more true than for the millennial generation born between 1976 and 2006, also known as, […]

Today’s Office for Today’s Business

Today's office for today's business

Reading Time: < 1 minute Not only has advancing technology changed the way we do business, it has changed the types of businesses being started. And this requires office environments that allow innovative commerce to flourish. Today’s office for today’s business.     Seamless’ new corporate office in New York City is a great example of a workplace designed to […]

Creating Workspaces For Creatives

Creating Workspaces For Creatives

Reading Time: 2 minutes The type of working environment you provide affects how people perceive themselves and their importance to the company as well as how productive they are. This is especially true when creating workspaces for creatives. If your business depends on originality and having imaginative people at the helm, the workspace you provide should foster the appropriate […]

Communicate What You Do Through Your Off...

Communicate What You Do Through Your Office Space

Reading Time: < 1 minute What better way to consistently sell what you do than letting people see and feel it as they stroll through your office? A recent episode on MediaBistro’s “Cubes” is a great example of how Edelman, an international public relations firm, does just that. They sell communication and one of the first things you see upon […]

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