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Generation “Y” Will Comprise Nearly Half of the Workforce By 2020.

  Is Your Office Attracting Them? The economic conditions and technological advancements with social media have not only changed the way we do business, they have changed us as people. Our priorities. Our motivations. How we communicate. This could not be more true than for the millennial generation born between 1976 and 2006, also known as, […]

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Today’s Office for Today’s Business

Today's office for today's business

Not only has advancing technology changed the way we do business, it has changed the types of businesses being started. And this requires office environments that allow innovative commerce to flourish. Today’s office for today’s business.     Seamless’ new corporate office in New York City is a great example of a workplace designed to […]

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Creating Workspaces For Creatives

Choosing Office Furniture for Creatives

The type of working environment you provide affects how people perceive themselves and their importance to the company as well as how productive they are. This is especially true when creating workspaces for creatives. If your business depends on originality and having imaginative people at the helm, the workspace you provide should foster the appropriate […]

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Storage In The Office Is No Longer To NOT Be Seen

Today, storage is not just about filing old or unused records in case there is a need for future reference. Far from it. With companies trimming down on physical office size as well as opting for more open and collaborative spaces, they are losing traditional areas to file information. Storage must now be incorporated into […]

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Communicate What You Do Through Your Office Space

What better way to consistently sell what you do than letting people see and feel it as they stroll through your office? A recent episode on MediaBistro’s “Cubes” is a great example of how Edelman, an international public relations firm, does just that. They sell communication and one of the first things you see upon […]

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Designing Your Office With Furnishings In Mind

  “A good office can solve problems, but a great office can invigorate a workforce.” –Paul Kelly, head of marketing for Morgan Lovell, a leading office interior design firm in the UK. Kelly is one of three experts from whom Mashable Business garnered some great office design tips, highlighted below. You Can Never Have Too […]

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The Highlights from NeoCon 2011

  Office furniture is ever evolving. Not only to keep up with the newest in color and design, but just as important is the functionality. As businesses adapt to the economic and environmental changes, so too must how and where they work. The NeoCon Conference is always an excellent peak into the what the future […]

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Electronics Charging Unplugged. How Does This Effect Office Furniture?

  The answer is – a great deal. Can you imagine being able to simply lay your laptop or phone on a desk and it automatically begins to recharge your battery if needed? Well, the technology for wireless charging embedded into furniture is here and being manufactured, now. So, why do we need it? As […]

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Color in the Office Can Evoke Several Emotions. Make Sure It’s The Right Ones.

    We know that colors conjure different feelings and symbolism. It is wise to consider this as you work with your office space. Below is a list of just a few colors and their symbolism according to incredibleart.org. Make sure to not only communicate the look you are seeking with your designer, but the […]

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